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Using TrackRay

How to use Task and Time Management Software Ease of use is one of TrackRay's main strengths.
You can try TrackRay by first exploring a Demo Account.

TrackRay Setup Is Simple:

  1. Open a free account for your company or team.
  2. Once logged in, use the Admin section to create logins for other users/team members.
  3. If required, create categories such as Projects, Customers, Products, and Activities.
That's it! You can start using the system. You can now create task assignments and/or times heets from the Main screen. Use the Filter link there to maintain a personalized view of your entries.

As account administrator, you can also view reports, change system settings, and perform other administrative tasks.
For example, depending on your business requirements, you can configure TrackRay to manage and track the following:

Typical TrackRay Workflow

Using Tasks / Job Assignments

  1. User creates a Task, specifying its title, description, and other optional parameters such as priority, due date and task categories (Project, Customer, Activity etc.)
  2. Task can be assigned to another user. (Optional email/mobile notification can be sent to the user).
  3. Users can see when the task is assigned. They will perform the required work and record the activity in the task entry, including comments, effort, and completion status.
  4. Task can be assigned to another user for further work, or it can be closed if it is completed.

Using Time Entries (TimeSheets / TimeCards)

  1. User creates a Time Entry, specifying title, work description, hours and optional details, such as Project, Customer, Location, or Docket#.

Using Combined Task and Time Tracking Mode

User can enter both Task and Time types of entries as required.
For example, some work may not have a task created but was nevertheless expected to be performed and recorded. In this mode, all work hours - entered either as Task or Time entry - will be summarized, reconciled, and allotted to the appropriate users, dates, time periods, projects, and customers.

Statistics and Reporting

Entered information can be used to:

...all in real time, using a desktop computer (PC/MAC/Linux) or mobile device (cell phone, smartphone, handheld device)... from anywhere.

Try our Demo Account.

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